Meet the Band

Starting with a home brewed digital instrument, Peter Chester and Robert Vance Cross III met in college and dived deep into a nerd-gasm of sound. In the electronic music program at UCSC they were trained in the ancient arts of midi and audio geekery. Classes led by the unique teaching stylings of Peter Elsea were fueled by coffee and gummy bears with sessions often lasting long into the night and into the next day.

Using Cycling 74’s MAX/MSP, Peter built a custom looping patch, called the “cuisNart”, a live collaborative music production instrument.  Often catching guest artists off guard, the recording process the songs take form in a very organic often slowly unfolding pattern that often lends itself to an extended jam session. These live jams are then remixed retouched and edited down to the most delicious and unique moments of the performance. The creme de la creme.

After nearly 10 years of playing together and perfecting the cuisNart approach to songwriting they still have no idea what the hell their doing, but somehow their sound is just as fresh and vibrant as the first day they jammed together.

When Peter and Rob aren’t jamming out hard on their instruments Peter does web stuff (, and Rob records stuff (

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