Days & Days Album Released!

Days & Days Album

We’ve got a new album!

On December 2nd, 2011, I became a father. Knowing that life was soon going to be dominated by this beautiful and strange alien being, Rob and I spent some extra time in 2011 partying and playing tunes. In particular, in 2011, Deepfried switched technologies and adopted Ableton Live in place of their home brewed sound blending software, the MAX/MSP cuisNart.

After some tweaking and adjusting, tethering foot peddles and ipads to the computer, we reached a new plateau of sound composition. The results are reflective of the process: a flowing, intuitive, rhythmic journey. Often starting with a guitar loop, and evolving into a rich composition, Deepfried songs blend various live instruments and custom beats with a dash of home brewed artificial intelligence.

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For your convenience, we’ve got our music published in a LOT of places!

And if you really want to do us a solid, please let your friends know about it and like / review the album where ever possible.


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