After The Curtain

After the CurtainPeter Koht came out and jammed with us. He played a cover of Beirut’s “After the Curtain” which came out beautifully. When we did our Gadgetbox sessions, the string section from Audiafauna laid some tracks down and really tied it together.

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This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)

I did a cover of the Talking Head’s song, “This Must Be The Place”.  I did all the recording and video in a single afternoon.  Let me know what you think!

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Deepfried in the Rain

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Let’s Make Music on our iPads!

Playing with Touch OSC on my iPad and tying it in to Logic Audio. Woot! Having way too much fun this weekend!

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Open Mic at Gadgetbox Studios

I went to the open mic at Gadgetbox a couple of weeks ago. It was FANTASTIC! I’m looking forward to tonight’s performances. You can read more about it on the gadgetbox open mic facebook page or watch some of the performances on youtube!
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Corporeal Safari

We lucked out and had the San Francisco studio to ourselves on a Saturday night. Can’t beat a grand piano and a heap of top notch recording gear!

The name Corporeal Safari speaks to the sensual quality to the song. While mixing it, I imagined a journey of touch and sensitivity.

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Live at Pergs

We played at Pergs and came out with a pretty fun set of tunes. Bummer that rob couldn’t make it and lay down his notorious bass lines. I hat to sub for him with a keyboard. Bob and Lindsey carried the guitar and vocals. David Schulkin threw down some ukulele riffs.

Download Full Tracks
live at Pergs 01
live at Pergs 02
live at Pergs 03
live at Pergs 04
live at Pergs 05 (Ukulele by Davie)
live at Pergs 06
live at Pergs 07
live at Pergs 08
live at Pergs 09
live at Pergs 10
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Live at the Union

Download Drifting Through

Performed live at the old Union Street Cafe.

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white sage
golden honeysuckle
lavender dream

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The House at the End of the Road (T.H.A.T.E.O.T.R.) is a unique album in both sentiment and mood. The overall structure and method is based in classic studio style recording techniques. Being that the emphasis is on recording, this album is sonically clean, delivering a heavily premeditated musical landscape. Read the Good Times’ Review.

Download Samples
i can
i can (2)
do what we wanna do
do what we wanna do (2)

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